Reema Thakur


An eye for the untapped. That’s what brings me here. To showcase what has been waiting to be captured. It’s fervor to seize and store every small moment. I am here to show you the world through my lenses.

Photography seems to come naturally to me like fish to water. A passion that has been handed down to me by my beloved grandfather. A legend in his own times. This is a small tribute to a man with great experience and vision for the beautiful things in this world.

We notice the obvious. What takes me beyond the obvious? It’s my camera which clicks the minutest details of something as small as the mystique of an insect or beyond horizons, like the aura of Mother Nature herself.

I have not scrubbed the dusts at the photography classrooms to get myself right. It’s been a spontaneous real time scouting for splendor by the seasons which would please the eye.

As for me, photography is a passion beyond the mundane Nine to Five shifts that I work at.

** Special thanks to Sim and Gayathri for helping me with this portfolio.

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